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[FIA] Released! - Thoughts

2011-06-01 11:51:21 by Climbnaked

FoL's Infinite Arena is released. I originally had this up on FGL in hopes of getting it sponsored but I got impatient/was expecting low bids anyway. At this point in time I'm just more concerned with building a portfolio of well programmed games so I can hop into some collaborations with artists or dev teams.

Overall I know FoL could have been better if I had really buckled down and searched for an artist, but for a portfolio piece, I was pretty indifferent. The game took me a month to program in AS3 and I am very happy with that since I coded it from scratch. As far as difficulty programming, the wrapping level was the only hard part. Its layout was was a 4x4 grid where each 'block' was about 850 pixels wide by 850 pixels long. This is the layout you run around in the game:

B1 - 2 - B4 - 6
1 - B3 - 5 - B7
B2 - 4 - B6 - 8
3 - B5 - 7 - B8

where the B stands for blank. It took me about 8000 lines of code but after creating it, I know that I could reduce that by a few thousand lines if I created more general superclasses. Oh well though, just improving my OOP skills as I go.

I was a little nervous about the music. Since I didn't want to pay for it, I downloaded a demo version of FL studio and played around with that for a bit to create the two tunes for [FIA] (intro song and main game song). It seems from reviewers that the music wasn't half bad but was repetitive due to the song only being a 45 sec loop. Next time there will be a mute button.

Check out FoL's Infinite Arena here:

Also, not that I'm finished with this project I'm free to start a new one, so if any artists out there are interested in a brainstorming session and making a kick ass game, shoot me a PM.


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