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Posted by Climbnaked - June 1st, 2011

FoL's Infinite Arena is released. I originally had this up on FGL in hopes of getting it sponsored but I got impatient/was expecting low bids anyway. At this point in time I'm just more concerned with building a portfolio of well programmed games so I can hop into some collaborations with artists or dev teams.

Overall I know FoL could have been better if I had really buckled down and searched for an artist, but for a portfolio piece, I was pretty indifferent. The game took me a month to program in AS3 and I am very happy with that since I coded it from scratch. As far as difficulty programming, the wrapping level was the only hard part. Its layout was was a 4x4 grid where each 'block' was about 850 pixels wide by 850 pixels long. This is the layout you run around in the game:

B1 - 2 - B4 - 6
1 - B3 - 5 - B7
B2 - 4 - B6 - 8
3 - B5 - 7 - B8

where the B stands for blank. It took me about 8000 lines of code but after creating it, I know that I could reduce that by a few thousand lines if I created more general superclasses. Oh well though, just improving my OOP skills as I go.

I was a little nervous about the music. Since I didn't want to pay for it, I downloaded a demo version of FL studio and played around with that for a bit to create the two tunes for [FIA] (intro song and main game song). It seems from reviewers that the music wasn't half bad but was repetitive due to the song only being a 45 sec loop. Next time there will be a mute button.

Check out FoL's Infinite Arena here:

Also, not that I'm finished with this project I'm free to start a new one, so if any artists out there are interested in a brainstorming session and making a kick ass game, shoot me a PM.

Posted by Climbnaked - July 30th, 2008

So I am currently working on my new platform/puzzle game called "Blob_game". I still haven't decided on a name yet.

The main premise of the game is that you control a blob. He can move right, left, jump, and crouch but the element of the game that brings in the puzzles is the main feature. The control to change the blob's color. The reason this is important is because throughout the levels you will come across distinct blocks called "blob blocks" (thinking of a name for that too). The blob you control will be a certain color and react to the blocks depending on their color.

If you are green and you approach a green block, you will walk right through it and the blocks will appear untouchable. But if you are your counter color, red, the blocks will be considered solid and you can walk right on top or them. And your color can be toggled with a simple mouse click. There will be unlockable colors as well.

I'm looking forward to designing some unique levels with this concept that will provide a challenge mentally, but still be a fun platformer.

And one feature I'm considering is custom levels. I still have to work that one out but if that is in my final version, players will be able to make and play on their own levels.

Looking forward to making this my first flash on the portal!

Platform/puzzle game in progress